Website Types

Static Website

Ideal for Small Businesses wanting to obtain web presence to gain exposure to online marketing.

Perfect for

  • Healthcare providers, i.e. Clinics, Pharmacy
  • Service oriented businesses, i.e. salon, car servicing centre
  • Retailer
  • Food and beverages business
  • Accommodation services
  • Education body
  • Organisations and societies

What’s In It?

Static website provides the most basic form of a website, yet sufficiently tailored to ensure your company’s products and services and contact information are within arm’s-reach on the web.

With our generous offer to throw in free SEO, you can be assured that potential clients will be able to find you with relative ease on search engines such as Google. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, simply put, improves the chances of your business’ name appearing at the forefront of results in a given search.

Why Static Website?

At very little cost, open your business to a huge potential market. And save yourself thousands on other conventional forms of advertising!

Content Management System

Content Management System is perfect for businesses that require frequent content updates on their web pages and want a low-cost means to do so.

Ideal for

  • Real estate agencies
  • Product show-casers
  • Restaurants, hair salons, beauty salons, bars, and cafes which wish to frequently publish promotions, specials, events etc.
  • Businesses which need online reservation system.

What’s In It?

We provide easily understood systems in place to ensure that content on the website is easily changeable, even by non-technical personnel using the backend (Administrator interface) that will be setup by us.

Why Content Management System?

You can include features, such as forums, blogs, event listings and news updates if desired. It allows you to publish promotions, specials, events etc as frequently as you wish.


Specially designed for product/service providers that want to take their business to the next level. Gain additional exposure for your products or services to the growing web community.

Ideal for

  • Retailers who want to sell their products or services on the web
  • Home-based business that sells home-made products
  • Restaurants, salons, bars and cafes which wish to take orders or bookings online

What’s In It?

We provide you with a smart e-commerce solution that is virtually fuss-free. The designed sites will be tailored to suit your needs, whether you want to sell your home-made goodies or wish to provide Internet bookings for your restaurant or shop. Bean Cash gives you the perfect solution. Online payment method is also incorporated in the package.

Why E-commerce?

E-commerce solution enables you to take booking and payment more readily besides widening your customer base.

Your E-commerce platform can also be incorporated with some of the content management system powerful features