Riddle Rhythmics


Riddle Rhythmics qualified staff provides a nurturing and creative environment for parents, caregivers and children to participate in age appropriate activities together. Riddle Rhythmics’ program has been specifically designed to enhance children’s physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and social growth through a fun and exciting learning experience. They offer a stimulating program involving movement, music, balance, hand eye coordination, ball, fine and gross motor skills to enhance each child’s personal development.

Riddle Rhythmics’ goal is to enrich your child’s development while enhancing the relationship between child and parent/care giver through positive and supportive interactions. Throughout your learning journey we aim to support, educate and arm parents with the correct tools for use during our program and at home. Riddle Rhythmics embrace each child’s individuality and encourage it through a fun and structured learning environment.

Canberra based.


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